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IELTS Academic Reading - True/False/Not given

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This lesson is all about the IELTS Academic Reading question type: True/False/Not given. It’s a self-paced, online Academic Reading lesson with IELTS test practice questions. You’ll get detailed explanations for the right and wrong answers. You’ll learn how the question writers think!

Our IELTS Extras – Academic Reading lessons focus on each question type used in the real test. Each lesson focuses on one question type so you can really get used to answering them.

By choosing an IELTS Extras-Academic Reading lesson you will get:

  • up to 3 hours of study and testing activities per lesson

  • a Learning Activity which helps you build skills in how the questions work

  • reading texts in the topic areas which are found in the IELTS test

  • at least three test Tasks per lesson – many examples of the question type which is the focus of the lesson: you can test yourself!

  • Immediate checking of your answers, and a score

  • a “Re-do” button so you can try again if you got it wrong, or want to see the explanations for the other choices

  • clear explanations of each answer, and why it is right or wrong

  • explanations of what the Question Writers are testing – what techniques they are using

For further information contact:
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Tel: +612 9850 1140

In this lesson:

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IELTS Academic Reading - True/False/Not given

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Self paced
Approximately 3 hours
30 maximum days to complete
2019-03-24 2019-03-24
Venue online
Deals with True / False / Not Given questions only