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eLearning Basics NOT FOR PURCHASE

The course covers the following topics: Instructional Design principles teaching methodologies Basic HTML Multimedia Social Media Games and Learning Assessment and Evaluation The Enrollment ... what you get The enrollment provides you with access to the course where you learn the theory through reading and videos and screen-casts as well as online quizzes. In addition to that, the enrollment provides each student with their own personal sandbox Moodle course in which they can... [More]
$1,000.01 Limited GST free
eLearning Basics NOT FOR PURCHASE

<p>The course covers the following topics:<br/>Instructional Design principles<br/>teaching methodologies<br/>Basic HTML<br/>Multimedia<br/>Social Media<br/>Games and Learning<br/>Assessment and

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2017-09-25 2017-09-25
Venue TBA
$1,000.01 Limited GST free

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Treating Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) in Youth

Body dysmophic disorder is a psychological disorder characterised by a preoccupation with a perceived or slight defect in physical appearance. Little is known about this debilitating condition, which typically starts in late childhood/early adolescence, and is associated with high rates of suicide and depression. Despite the high distress BDD patients suffer, clinicians will report that they rarely treat BDD in their clinical practice. This workshop aims to improve clinician’s... [More]

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Australian local governments are invited to join this award winning program! Habitat Stepping Stones is a unique environmental educational program which won the 2015 National Trust Heritage Award for Conservation of Natural Landscape. SUBSCRIPTION RATES FOR 2016 For the first year, including a new section of the website specific to your LGA: $3,820 + GST. For following years: $2,200 + GST p.a. HOW IT WORKS The Habitat Stepping Stones website provides an engaging online tool that... [More]